2021 Fall Registration is open!


Thank you for your interest in having your child participate in the FAYA Blue Devils Football and Cheerleading program for our FALL 2021 SEASON!!

The season officially begins on August 2nd


If you played with us for the Spring season because your town was not fielding teams you will need to sign up with your home team.  This was a special circumstance season that allowed other towns to play in other towns.  The only exceptions are grandfathered waivers or Special circumstances approved by RISMA and F.A.Y.A.

The registration fee for the 2021 FALL season is $200.00.

For Football players that includes Helmet, Game Jerseys, Game pants and Shoulder Pads.

Cheerleaders includes the uniform and bow

Payment should be made in full by the start of the season.  If there is a hardship please speak with a board member as we will work with you to get the fee paid. 

Please click on the link below to get started!






Parent/Guardian should complete and sign Section I of this form. The second page, Section II, must be completed by a medical professional.   This is the only form that will be accepted by National Pop Warner.   Copies of standardized health forms, physical exams, etc. are not acceptable. Must be dated after 2019.


   Please fill both forms out completely. Make sure child signs & initials the second form 

  • Submit Copy of Birth Certificate (Only if you are NEW to the league)

A Birth Certificate copy from the city, town, or state the child was born, signed by the local town/city registrar or clerk and must carry a State Seal.   

  • Submit  Copy of Report Card 

Copy of your child’s most recent 2 semesters/quarters  2020-2021  school report card is required. Copies must show all trimester/quarter grades, school name, and child’s name.   Copies must be legible and fit on 8 ½ x 11 sheet of paper. 

NOTE: Successful registration is defined as all required paperwork submitted and filled out accurately, online registration completed, and payment received by FAYA prior to start of season.



Please submit all registration paperwork to the following address.


Attention: Registration Paperwork
P.O. Box 93
Fairhaven, MA 02719


The FAYA Blue Devils are looking forward to having you taking part in a great 2021 season! 


If you have any questions, please e-mail our Treasurer, Sonia Chisholm at Romao_S@yahoo.com.